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Sushi&Co. is a boutique consulting firm focused on the development of customer engagement solutions - for brands and retailers - led by the latest digital product activation technologies. Our mission is to move companies closer than ever to their consumers by connecting the real world, starting with a digital journey.

Sushi&Co. is made by a team of professionals in the fashion and digital industries with over 15 years on-the-ground.

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Proven communication and marketing channels successfully connect you with your customer and allow engagement throughout every step of the brand journey. However, a point of contact that aims to make the experience even more unique is the product. Solutions and technologies enabling it as brand ambassador are varied: NFC is one of them.

Sushi&Co. puts its skills, knowledge and network at your disposal and offer strategic advice aimed at developing innovative customer experiences within your brand 360° business strategy.

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Smart retailers and brands employ innovative technologies to engage customers with personalized, exclusive or one-time content experiences. Are you in?

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